Inner Journeys & Self Realization

Emotional and spiritual suffering and physical disease begin in the deep subconscious. Yet how do we actually heal at this level?  How do we go to the source of the problem and transform it, so that there is a tangible change in our bodies, minds, and spirits? 

This is where Dr. Holden has an profound ability to both see and work at a very fundamental level of consciousness.  He is able to “journey” with you deeply into the unconscious mind to the source of the trouble.  Going there is the first step.  The next step is to recognize and work with the experiences, issues, and beliefs in that environment.  Through this lucid deep subconscious interaction the energy can be transformed, and healing can occur at all levels, ultimately awakening to the presence of God inside.

Dr. Holden has spent many years passionately focused on how to create healing, even in the most difficult of circumstances.  One of the powerful understandings that he has discovered is that pain is protection, whether it is physical, emotional, or psychic. 

Healing is much more than the absence of pain, and it is through our pain that we come to find the deeper purpose and meaning within ourselves and each other.  Journeying is an interactive process and can include virtually anything to explore and heal.




"Courage" By Christin

"I reach upward and lasso a star, as I ride atop the monsters of my childhood. I am strong and free spirited."



"Desolation" By Christin

"As a child I was very alone. I couldn't turn to my mother and father for comfort or protection since they were the ones abusing me. At times, I felt as though I was invisible.

A dark entity reached out to me in my fear and loneliness. He helped me to survive and he protected me. I bonded with this entity. He isolated me from my pain and numbed me so I could keep on being a kid. He was all I had on the small, desolate island where I hid away.

 Now as an adult, I no longer wish to be enslaved to this entity or separate from my selves. I journey inside and rescue the child who is still hidden away on the island, who is still afraid. I reach out to her, and I comfort and nurture her. I go into the pain of the abuse with her so that she and I can be reintegrated again. I thank the entity for being there for me when I had no one else.I send him away. The little girl inside has me now and Buttercup, our elephant. I am grateful to John for guiding me through this healing process and empowering me to connect to my feelings, the pain, and to the memories that hold the key to a deeper, more authentic, sense of self and to true freedom and healing."






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