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Dearest John,

I’m just sitting here trying to prepare for tomorrow and I feel inspired and able to write a short public note thanking you for your healing practices. (How different from this time last night!) It is rather short and generic but affirms your talents and expresses my gratitude. I am truly appreciative that our paths have met and that with your assistance I am indeed ridding myself of much burden that I have carried with me for so many years; baggage that has kept me from being who I am beginning to recognize and realize that I am.

With a few minor setbacks, I now find myself usually filled with a sense of well-being; so much tension and agitation is gone; my heart feels so much larger and stronger; I feel confident that all is really, truly, undeniably O.K. At a conscious level and as an emotional response, I have experienced a trust that the universe will guide me and care for me. There’s a sense of clarity or emptiness in my mind; a refreshing coolness and serenity that is new, and yet feels so right! I feel each time more and more connected to the source of all that is good and sacred, wholesome, peaceful and perfect. I affirm that I have entered in love/God - names seem insufficient to name the space...I have not the words to express how I feel other than to say that it is/ I feel wonderful; absolutely wonderful...

I know there is so much more growth available and waiting, but I am so content with where I am today that I don’t feel a frustration; rather I feel open and able to welcome the opportunities that await me. I just sit here, amazed and awed by this incredible sense of well-being that permeates me. I am indeed grateful that you are available to accompany me on this incredible journey. I have no idea of where I am going but WOW! - it’s the most extraordinary trip I've ever had!

M.Grisby, Albuquerque, NM



Hi John:

As I start to write this my eyes are tearing up, not with sadness but with thankfulness for the wonderful work you and Nathan [her son] accomplished together. When Nathan came home this summer our son that we remembered from years ago walked in that door. We weren't shocked because he has been very open and communicative this past semester in his phone calls, but as the weeks roll by and every day he demonstrates the compassion, thoughtfulness, joyfulness and self motivation that is his true character. I am just so thankful that we found you. We are having such fun together and Nathan expresses that he is very happy with himself and his life. The word that I keep using to describe him is "solid". Nathan is just so very solid. A mother cannot ask for more.

Thank you for recognizing the urgency of our need during that our first visit to Santa Fe in November 2008 and making room in your schedule for him most every day of that week including the weekend. Thanks also to your patients who were willing to be flexible with the days and times they saw you that week. Thank you for your steadfastness in keeping the weekly telephone appointments in between visits and your willingness to hear my concerns all the while maintaining Nathan's confidentiality and hence his confidence in you.

It is hard to explain the terror I felt when I received that first call January 29, 2008 from Nathan's school saying that he was in a psychotic state and was being hospitalized. Even though I have a familial history of bipolar in my family, somehow with all the food allergies he had to cope with already and the attention to health we had given him throughout his early years, I somehow believed he would be spared. Although I never would have chosen for Nathan to be medicated, when I saw him in the hospital I saw no other choice at that moment (although I did make several calls looking for alternatives). Of course, the mainstream medical establishment wants you to believe that this is a lifelong affliction and there is no other option than medication to control the symptoms. Luckily I have always been one to question and seek out alternatives when I don't like the options being presented. Molecular Health Care (MHC) is what brought us to Santa Fe, but I am convinced that his healing there was maximized and broadened by your work. Nathan would not be where he is today if he had only worked with MHC. You not only helped him to find his center, you also taught him skills to use to keep that center as he goes through life.

So it is with a heart full of gratitude and admiration that I write this letter. Nathan's father and I believe we have never made a better financial investment. Please let us know if you and Allison ever want to make a trip to Alaska. We would be honored to host you in our home.

Most Sincerely,

Nancy Lander, Homer, Alaska



One Sunday afternoon my six-year-old son suddenly developed asthma for the first time, accompanied by a painful gulping/choking sensation in his throat. I called John and he immediately met us at his office. I watched as John relieved all of my son’s symptoms, completely freeing his breath and relieving the gulping/choking sensation almost completely, which then resolved completely by the following morning.

While working with my son, John was able to identify two allergens that triggered the reaction. This he did simply by seeing, without muscle testing.

My family is truly grateful for John’s gift.

L.D., Santa Fe, NM




From a happy young girl after getting healed for her severe cat allergy.



Dr. John Holden treated my severely sprained and stressed ankle providing me with immediate and lasting relief. I have used his services for injuries and conditions on other occasions and have always received the results I sought.

Michael M., Santa Fe, NM



I asked for John's help to cleanse the space of my next door neighbor, who's unit was located about ten feet away from my bedroom window. This young woman had gotten into a very dark, drug-riddled lifestyle where she was up all night with her older boyfriend (most likely on meth) screaming in anger, blaring music, and obscenely having sex and making lewd comments all with a child in the room or in the next room. I could hear everything as if they were in my house. We eventually got her landlord to evict her, but I was afraid her low-rent place would attract someone else with really dark energy since that is what the place had been filled with. John and I worked on the issue and within the next few weeks a couple of new tenants moved in. To my delight, they were a male police officer and a female firefighter. Two clean, kind civil servants—this was beyond what I had hoped for! Two years later, they are still there, and the police car parked in our neighborhood is an added help for keeping away the bad guys!

K.S., Santa Fe, NM



Dear Dr.John,

Although my M.S. degree establishes me as a School Psychologist, when I visualize myself I see a scientist. I can remember clearly the "Four" steps of scientific inquiry I learned in school and I tend to analyze things from that perspective. I don't believe there are black holes in space, I do believe in the Bell curve and I am a complete and total Skeptic in almost all matters.

When my good friend offered to have me meet her Healer, my eyes glazed over and I took a nap, while being awake. Her persistence was remarkable and over several months, we would go back and forth, about the efficacy of such Healing practices. She wore me down when she announced that she had dual appts. with Dr. John, one for me, one for her.. followed by an Asian dinner. Now, you're talking...

I agreed to the appt., more motivated by visions of fried wontons than the actual treatment. I was hit by a car 10 years ago and my knee "slips out of joint", that how it feels, this event is accompanied by a brief, severe, twinge of pain and the inability to continue walking for some minutes. This has gone on for years.

When I met with Dr. J., I tried to conceal my secret attitude that this would be an exercise in "Santa Fe smoke and mirrors" and probably little more. I was baffled as to his method, but, over the next 3 days, the slipping event disappeared and I could walk normally. I am very satisfied with this. I have to credit the Dr.s healing techniques for the immediate and helpful result. My mind is certainly more open to healing options now. I also felt enormously energized after treatment and sped through my chores with gusto, doing some damage to my "couch potato" rep.

I am referring a good friend of mine, who has many difficulties, to Dr. John as well.

Kindest regards,

Tracey T., Santa Fe, NM

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