With the help of Dr. John Holden, many people have healed from a wide variety of medical, emotional and spiritual issues; from complicated medical conditions to severe childhood abuse and trauma.  Some people come to receive hands on healing, while others come to do inner journey work. After working with Dr. Holden, many experience profound physical healing. Others find that they are finally free from the painful emotions of past traumas and abuse, and feel a deep sense of purpose, meaning and inner peace in their lives. For some, healing is immediate and permanent, while others heal gradually over time.

He has successfully worked with many children for a wide range of physical and behavioral problems.  People have also brought their animals, which also have had profound healing as well. One on one training is available for healers that wish to deepen their practice.

He has over 20 years of experience as an intuitive healer, and as a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine since 1993.  He spent 10 years apprenticing a gifted Shaman, which helped him open up to his natural healing potential. His work has proven to be highly successful, even where other methods have failed.

Sessions are available in person, over the phone, and as distance healings.






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