During the mid 1980's, Dr. Holden was working as an electrical engineer in Silicon Valley, California.   While always a sensitive individual, he did not posses obvious psychic or healing abilities.  All that changed, however, during a brief period in the summer of 1987 after a 7 day water fast.  He began to have amazing psychic experiences, and began to see peoples energy fields.  All of this was quite disconcerting at the time, and it was all very new.  His search began to understand what was happening to him.

Within a couple of years, he quit his job, and decided to go to acupuncture school.  During that time, he worked very hard on his own inner healing, and was fortunate enough to be led to work with shamans and healers, which helped him a great deal.  He was often visited by the presence of Christ during shamanic journeys, who came to help to heal some of the darkest places within him.  He would also receive very specific teachings about all aspects of healing others, which would be practiced in the acupuncture clinic.  After acupuncture school, he began a private practice.  Over time, he began to focus solely on the deep inner work that he was being taught.

Somewhere around 2001, something remarkable happened.  A profound presence awakened inside him.  The beginning of the process took about 3 weeks, and was quite powerful, and it continues to grow to this day.  It has taken many years of deep inner work to be able to share this capacity with others, and he is continually in awe of this gift that has been given.  He has seen people heal from things previously thought impossible, and those that sought self realization have experience God in deep and profound ways.