The healing of many people suffering with chronic and acute pain and difficult to treat illnesses has been facilitated by Dr. Holden, even those who had given up hope.  He has been able to directly transform the physical and emotional blockages that create pain and disease.  He also is able to eliminate all types of allergies using this same ability.

An example is a 28 year old women who came in with rheumatoid arthritis causing severe pain in her whole body.  She said it started when she was 7 years old.  She came to Dr. Holden because her medical doctor wanted to put her on methyltrexate, which is a very toxic drug that is used in more advanced cases of rheumatoid arthritis.  When Dr. Holden put his hands on her, He could see and feel all sorts of past experiences leaving her body.  He worked on her about 20 minutes, and when she got off the table she was free of pain.  She came back once more about 6 months later; her pain had returned after having tummy tuck surgery.  After working on her once again, and she continues to be fine.

Often heard are comments such as one woman’s that she felt better after receiving 15 minutes of healing work than she had with 2 years of weekly psycho-therapy.

While these are extraordinary examples, they happen regularly in Dr. Holden's practice.  Not everyone has immediate healing though, and he has learned to pay more attention to the people that don’t heal easily, and this has been a place of great learning.  He has gained tremendous understanding and compassion for those that suffer, and has devoted many years of inner work to helping those whose path to healing does not come quickly.  He has recognized that emotional and psychic stresses are the greatest stress on the system for many conditions, which is why so much effort has been spent on mastering the healing of these kind of wounds.  This has allowed for healing of even the most difficult issues.

What he calls “healings” are done mostly in silence, and have the capacity to directly transform even deep emotional wounds as well as physical tissues and disease.  

Any physical, emotional, or spiritual issue can be addressed and can include:

  • Auto accidents/chronic pain/any physical or structural problem- Dr. Holden has successfully repaired damaged bones, tissues, spinal injuries, nerves etc.
  • Allergies can be cleared- this has been very popular and effective, and can include anything such as foods, pollens, chemicals, cell phones, dental materials etc.  Dr. Holden has cleared thousands of allergies for people.
  • Colds & Flu- This has been quite effective, and is done over the phone.  Please do not come into the office if you have a cold or flu.
  • Neurological disorders- Dr. Holden has had great success with these.
  • All sorts of immune disorders such as cancer, arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  • Tumors, fibroids, and other growths can be healed or greatly diminished.
  • For those that choose conventional medical treatment for cancer, Dr. Holden can significantly improve healing from surgery, as well as substantially shorten the time for the tissues to repair. He is able to markedly reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, drugs, and radiation treatments.  He is able to guide medicines such as chemo to the targeted areas of unhealthy cells, while helping to protect healthy cells.  By addressing the underlying psychic and emotional level of healing, Dr. Holden can considerably reduce the likelihood of the cancer returning.  
  • Animals can be treated for any physical or behavioral issue, or clear allergies.
  • Post Surgical Healing- People heal substantially faster after 1 to 3 sessions.
  • Emotional issues can be cleared.  
  • Relationship healing- this has proven to be very effective, and can include a couple, parent + child, whole family, or any one needing the healing of a relationship.
  • Children- Dr. Holden helps kids get off ADD drugs, transform behavioral problems, remove learning disabilities, dramatically improve school performance, clear allergies, heal injuries, and much more.
  • Highly skilled at kinesiology (muscle testing), Dr. Holden can test herbs, supplements, and other things to fine tune your nutritional  needs.

This is a very short list of things that Dr. Holden has had success with.  While everything can’t be listed, Dr. Holden is happy to talk with you about your specific concerns, just call.  

For serious illness’s it is recommended to be working in conjunction with a Medical Doctor.