Here are a few of the many healing experiences with Dr. Holden. Many people come for physical healings to treat a wide variety of conditions including all types of illness’s, allergies, pain and injuries. Others come to address their emotional and spiritual issues and deepen their path to self realization. Do you have a healing experience you would like to share? Please Email Dr. Holden and include your name as you would like it to appear.


My Doctors were frustrated and had given up. I felt pain, sickness, and was very scared. My life and family’s lives were significantly impacted. I had considered giving up, too. Then I found Dr. John Holden.John’s energy work showed me my physical pain was rooted in the emotional/spiritual plane. Through journey work, John has helped me to discover the foundation of healing. His work is peaceful, positive, and profound. He is truly gifted.

Sarah S., Santa Fe, NM


After years of persistent pain in my "frozen" shoulders John alleviated my condition in a couple of minutes. Such healing talent is a great gift to us all.

Stuart Hepburn, United Kingdom


‍ I am amazed at the sense of “well-being” that I feel after just a few visits with you! My body feels healthy, my heart happy, and my Soul at peace. I can breathe better, concentrate longer, and enjoy life so much more. Thank you so much for the healing.

Mona G., Albuquerque, NM


‍ In the fall of 2004, I was diagnosed with Stage 3A endometrial cancer. It didn’t look good, but somehow I thought that I would survive, and my doctor was hopeful that after the surgery, chemo, and radiation, the cancer would be gone. It wasn’t. The following spring, more cancer cells were found and I was having terrible dreams. By that time a friend, a healer herself, had told me about John Holden. I told my very understanding doctor that I needed a month to heal before any medical intervention, and went to see John. It took four weekly sessions to find and clear the blackness inside. When I went back to the doctor, the cancer cells had disappeared and the nightmares were gone, their truth revealed. It has now been five years, and I am cancer free. I am very grateful to John, and I have referred others in need of healing to him.

Thank you!

Judy Willmore, Albuquerque, NM


From a letter from Anna, who suffered from a rare painful and disfiguring life threatening disease that killed 2 or her relatives. The work with her was done over the phone:

Dear John,

I have been plagued with an array of disturbing disease, illness, aches, pains and severe discomfort. I became very ill about 2 years ago, and was diagnosed with bullous pemphydoid Little did I know my whole life would be slowly and agonizingly dredged with horrific pain, depression and desperate longing for healing.

My horrific lesions were taking over my body. some lesions as large as 1 1/2 inch round circles, were all over my face, had, legs, arms and body. My dermatologist could not issue any relief to this disfiguring, but most important painful auto immune disease.

I suffered, suffered, suffered. I cried to take the bandages off daily, as my work wouldn’t allow me to air dry the lesions on site because of the nature of my work- a clinic clerk. The risk to my health would have been to great to come without bandages.

John Holden came very well recommended. I started therapy with this great man. He was able to do in a couple of months what my dermatologist couldn’t do in a couple of years- start me on the road to recovery, curbing my pain and shrinking my lesions. How grateful can one person like me be? You have no idea! I am beginning to feel so much better. I am convinced I am starting to go into remission and am so grateful to be better and without the horrible pain.

Thanks John,

Anna M. Cordova, Colorado Springs, Co


You may recall treating me for MS symptoms and my wife Wendy for emotional trauma perhaps three years ago. I've continued to improve in spite of my diagnosis of Secondary Progressive MS. I attribute the improvement in large measure to the deep soul work we did together.

At any rate I really just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that you have made a big impression on our lives with both your presence and your astounding work. We hold you in profound respect and humility in our thoughts.

When I first heard of your practice I was almost completely wheelchair bound. Each week I was spending more of my day in my chair and my paralysis and spasms were worsening rapidly. I report to you in utmost humility that today, three years after our last series of treatments, I haven't taken my wheelchair out of our garage for over a year. Still more wondrous for me is that I was able to continue my demanding professional work in the internet and television industry, which culminated with an Emmy win in 2007 - triumphing over formidable competition including ABC and Starz.

Thank you.


Dwight Marcus (Glodell), Ojai, CA


Juniper season was blasting us all and through my swollen, itchy eyes I read an ad by a D.O.M. that claimed relief from juniper allergies more effective than NAET. Having gone through NAET. treatments with two different practitioners, I was curious, but skeptical.

My first session with John reduced my asthma symptoms, allowing me to sleep. After four sessions I am no longer exhausted, irritable, headachy, restless, and scattered. My sinuses are not impacted any more! My eyes do not itch and I am not sneezing.

After suffering severely from hay fever for 31 years and seeking remedies with a passion, I have finally found relief in the hands of John Holden.


Leslie D., Santa Fe, NM


‍ Dr. John Holden is blessed with an extraordinary gift for healing. I have been living with a frozen shoulder for about 10 months. Two Acupuncturists, one Rolfer, two Massage Therapists, and one orthopedic therapist later, and the shoulder remained frozen.

I had pretty much resigned to the idea or surgery, and then I visited John. Within five minutes of his hands on technique, I gracefully and painlessly raised my arm over my head with the most open range of motion that I have had experienced in several months. In tears of disbelief I exclaimed “how did you do that?!” He only smiled in his humble and kind manner, and then he continued to give treatment, which included helping me get in touch with the root of my trauma and pain. This gift, in and of itself, is very precious. It doesn’t matter what or how we heal; the important thing is that we reconnect with our divine wholeness, and this is what, I believe John does.

Sincerely and gratefully,

P. Pace, Santa Fe, NM


I suffered with hay fever and other pollen allergies for almost 40 years. I was miserable every summer. I got a short respite after moving here, but then developed allergies to the local pollens. I tried every treatment known to man - I had so many shots I was afraid my skin would leak from all the needle pricks. Nothing worked. John treated me about six times and now I am virtually allergy free. What a gift! Thanks John.

R.B., Santa Fe, NM


Thank you for your wonderful treatments. The work you did on my back was miraculous. I believe that your work saved me from undergoing tremendous physical trauma, including back surgery. You are an angel.


Patty P., Santa Fe, NM

P.S. Sometimes the things we can’t really understand often help us the most.


Over the years I've spent a fortune on chiropractic treatment for my back. The trouble was, no sooner was my back adjusted than it popped right back out again. In just a few minutes, John applied healing to two locations on my spine and I've had no trouble since. This treatment makes a whole lot of sense!

S. Hepburn, United Kingdom


I believe in the power of John Holden.

I learned about John Holden on the very day the vet's X-rays suggested my dog Lucero faced a death sentence. Truth is, I needed help, too! John treated us together. Saved us both. His "magic" is quiet, compassionate, focused and VERY real.

Beverly Anteus., Santa Fe, NM


Live cell images of patient’s blood before (left) and after (right), after 5 treatments.

Notice the difference in the level of clumping and broken cells in the 2 pictures, as well as the difference in the dried blood sample (lower right). Patient noted substantial improvement in her symptoms, including: fibromyalgia, chronic pain, arthritis, chronic fatigue and a heart disorder.


"My inner Guide has repeatedly sent me to Dr. John Holden for long term as well as periodic, short-term work. Whether my presenting problem is caffeine addiction or an inner child issue, John's journeying process takes me to the underlying spiritual purpose of the problem, giving me a true healing and change of consciousness."

"Dr. John Holden has been a patient, gentle, knowledgeable, and experienced tour guide for exploring my inner universe. I've experienced much deep healing from severe and stubborn childhood and past life trauma. Also, because John involves me in the journey process, I've gained more confidence about my own abilities to explore my inner worlds and more trust in my own inner perceptions."

"A session with John Holden is like a very conscious, issue driven, "working" contemplation. Many times, at the end of a session where I've released and/or healed an emotion or perception at a very deep level, I'm filled with Light and Love, and just sort of "float" home."

D.M.T., Santa Fe, NM

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