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From an interview with Vic Gurule, Houston, TX

What brought you in here?

“The thing that I would like to tell people is that not too long ago I was totally unable to lift my right arm over my head, and I came up to Santa Fe to visit my mom, and she had been at a doctors office and had seen one of your pamphlets, and she kept nagging me to come and see you. Well I know about all the Santa Fe spooky hocus pocus medicine that they do here, and i’ve never been a believer, so I was very, very reluctant to do anything about it, and I was putting her off. If you’ve ever met my mom- you have met my mom! She’s not the kind of person who takes no for an answer, so she finally said “you're going to go”. She basically continues to tell me that I waste money on so many other things, that I should be spending money on my health, and so she said instead of you buying some beer or doing other stuff that you do, you take that money and go see this doctor. And I said, mom this is not something that’s going to help me, this is a joint problem, or it’s a skeletal problem, I don’t know what it was. Anyhow, I came in and saw Dr. Holden, and I want to say we were probably here for 30 minutes, 45 minutes at most. My mom calls it hocus pocus, because I don’t know what you did, but before I left your office I was able to raise my arm over my head, and I was really able to resume playing golf. What can I tell you, I would say that anyone that has a problem with pain should consider coming to see you.”

Did you get some kind of medical diagnosis?

“I had x-rays, cat scans, bone scans, bone density tests. I had every type of thing known to man- cortisone shots, I had every thing trying to get that shoulder where I could move it, and nothing was happening. I took vioxx before they took it off the market, I’ve taken everything, nothing was helping. All I can say is that the treatment you gave me was unbelievable, unbelievable. To this day I’m still confused as to what you do, how you do it, don’t understand it, but I guess I don’t need to as long as it works. When I left here my mom was very happy with her self, and so was I of course!”



My teeth were both great for the first day and then I had a huge emotional release the next day and the one with the mercury filling started hurting instantly while I was crying not even while I was eating. I think this had happened before although I don’t think I’ve ever cried as hard. I would say that my emotional stuff was unrelated to the pain in my mouth but maybe the pain in my mouth was related to the emotional stuff. One week later the other tooth with the composite filling is very slightly noticeable, it feels like it needs a "tune up” but I am able to eat on both sides without tremendous pain like I had before you worked on them. I have been grinding my teeth too, again I think this is about stress and they just happened to coincide. I look forward to another session with you to clear up other issues and for the tune-up on the teeth. I have a lot of faith in the work you are doing and I know it will work for me. Thank You


Victoria L., Albuquerque, NM


Our cat had a terrible limp, due to an adverse reaction to some antibiotics. He was unable to jump up over the fence in our yard and our alternative homeopathic vet speculated that this would take a long time to heal. After just three distance healing sessions with John and Alison, within about a week, he was able to jump again and recovered his normal stride and eventually his playful running boisterous self !!!

We are so grateful ... and so is he!

AnRa MaEl, Santa Rosa, CA


Dear John,

i've been wanting to write something for so long, and here it is! It has been such amazing journey that i often find I am missing the words for it, but i hope this is clear enough for people to get a sense of the wonderful work you are doing!

And i mean it, i am so grateful for all your help over the last couple of months which provided an incredible support for me!

Lots of love

from Annette

I received a breast cancer diagnosis last fall and immediately started working with John on my healing.

I decided to get western medical treatment and went through chemo therapy, operation and radiation, while doing the healing with John as well. What a blessing that was! I felt so completely supported by him every step on the way.

What I found so remarkable about my work with John is that I got to address all the physical side effects of my various treatments as they occurred, so that now I don't have any residue build up from the treatments.

And emotionally the same applies: we addressed all the emotional stress right away, which leaves me feeling not traumatized by the cancer incident, but rather deeply grateful for the healing which I experienced.

John helps us look at even the darkest corners of our beings with clarity and deep compassion. He teaches his way of working, so that I could go home and continue the work on my own, which I love to be able to do. He is a true healer: transformation happens with him, it is not just talking about it. Physical issues get resolved and deep emotional issues get healed. He brings a light and easy going attitude to the process, and offers deep commitment and profound understanding.

I am so very grateful I had his help during this challenging time in my life!

Annette Cantor - Groenfeldt, Santa Fe, NM


A few weeks ago I experienced a tearing sensation in my right shoulder. Luckily, I had my weekly appointment with John that afternoon. I told him about the injury as soon as we went into his office and then I spent a few minutes talking about other things I wanted to get to in that session. I could tell he was already working on my shoulder while I was talking. Then he asked how my shoulder was feeling and I noticed that instead of feeling injured it only felt sore, which was a great relief for me. He then applied healing directly to my shoulder for a couple of minutes and we went on with our regular session. After one more treatment a week later, my shoulder felt normal. I'm grateful for your willingness to share your healing gifts. Thank you so much.

I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend the healing work of John Holden. I've been seeing John on a weekly basis for about a year and in that time I've experienced deep healing on many levels. We've worked in places that have previously felt inaccessible to me due to the perceived darkness, my fear, my inability to trust, to let go and to be seen deeply. John's ability to work in these realms with profound gentleness and compassion has made it safe for me to explore and heal in some of my darkest places. I have many stories of healing with John and how the healing is reflected in my everyday life. Recently, the effects of working with John showed up in an unexpected way. About a month ago we were visiting my son and his family. On the last night of our visit, my partner and I returned to our hotel and began to vent with each other about the crisis unfolding within the family and our feelings of helplessness, etc. I was intensely upset, fearful, frustrated, angry. Talking wasn't helping at all. I finally fell asleep and sometime before dawn John came to me in a dream and journeyed with me. We usually work with my little two year old but this time my little girl was fourteen or fifteen. The journey was slow and gentle and specific just like the work we do in his office. As I got down to the root I felt these huge, deep sobs welling up from inside and woke myself up crying with release, relief and peace and I realized I was in the hotel room not John's office. The agony of the night before was gone and in its' place was joy and an understanding of the underlying perfection in all things. I have so much gratitude for John and his work and for being able to receive this beautiful healing.

Shea Rollins, Santa Fe, NM



I was a patient of Dr. John Holden’s for one year. Since that time, my allergies have disappeared. Also, my health has improved to the point where I am rarely sick anymore. Dr. Holden’s treatments have made it possible for me to continue to live with the juniper and chamisa here in Santa Fe.

Helene P., Santa Fe, NM


I came for allergy relief and ended up with far more than I had ever hoped for- an ongoing exploration of who I really am, why I am here and what keeps me from doing the work I feel destined to do.

John takes me to a far deeper level of spirit than I’ve ever experienced before. With john’s help, I’ve reunited with deeply wounded parts of my spirit, who are also the most brilliant, powerful, and absolutely amazing parts of me.

I am deeply grateful to john and his spirit helpers.

Keely M., Ribera, NM


For years my foot would swell up and be in great pain. Within a few treatments with Dr. John Holden I now can walk on cold surfaces without a reoccurrence. Thanks Dr. Holden.

Elizabeth P., San Francisco, CA


Dear Dr. Holden,

I am so thankful that Dr. Zhao gave me your name to call, when I needed medical help right after my ankle surgery. Since i am unable to take narcotic drugs, it was important to find a way to alleviate the intense pain. Thank you not only for arranging to see me at my home, but for your very special abilities in healing.

When i told my surgeon that I never took the pain-killers that he prescribed ,he found it difficult to imagine. i was able to comfortably get through the first night after surgery with only a couple of advil later that night.

It is obvious that your work is on several levels of consciousness and i look forward to continuing the possibilities of wellness with you.

warmest regards,

Harriette J., Santa Fe, NM


I arrived at Dr. Holden's office in May 2004 from a dear friends referral. I went primarily to tackle some environmental allergies that had only gone from bad to worse. I had finally resolved to go to Walgreen's to get drugs to get through the last semester of my teaching 3rd graders..........I barely made it. After ONE visit with Dr. Holden, I can report that 90% of my symptoms dissolved into thin air- NEVER to return.

We continued working together with the next critical symptom. Since childhood, any type of mosquito, wasp or bee bite created welts on my body. I was preparing to drive slowly up to Alaska from Albuquerque, knowing that there would be many biting insects in Alaska. I received ONE treatment from Dr. Holden, and returned a month later............Many bites- NO welts. Try it for yourself. Dr. John has a gift that works. Your attendance will only give you positive results. I pass his name to everyone I can simply to relieve the suffering on this planet. Dr. John, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Victoria Tietje, Albuquerque, NM Educator and lover of the outdoors



I came to John after having been diagnosed with a Hyper Thyroid condition. My TSH level was very low but I had no symptoms. My doctors were very surprised that I wasn't having symptoms with such an abnormal reading. After eight months [about 12 sessions] of working with John my TSH level and other Thyroid tests are completely normalized. My general practitioner was very surprised that this could change so quickly. However, even if my Thyroid had not normalized my work with John would have been well worth it. It has been the most important healing work I have done. I now enjoy a wonderful sense of mystery, an ability to enjoy life, and an engaged fullness for the first time I can remember. It is truly extraordinary work. I am very grateful.

E.G. Santa Fe, NM


John is phenomenally gifted! His channeling and energy work are deeply transformative. Over the years, I've seen a plethora of practitioners with only superficial results. John's work has been life altering for me! I am finally experiencing deep and lasting changes in all areas of my life--physical, emotional, and spiritual. Today, after moving to San Diego, I continue to work with John via the phone with the same dramatic results. Whether near or far, John has been a tremendous support for me in my personal growth. He is not only a talented healer, but also a deeply loving person who genuinely cares about his clients.

Jennifer R., San Diego, CA

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